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The number of schools and day care centers are increasing. As a result, the need for qualified teachers is also high. We try to meet the demand of employers by providing them teachers of the best quality. We select teachers based on their strong communication skills, teaching skills, and a good understanding of the subject material. Over the years we’ve been running our recruitment agency has found many qualified teachers for positions in New Zealand and overseas. It’s important for us to find teachers that will thrive and enjoy any experience we throw at them, whether it be moving to London and teaching for a year or something else. Teachers need to have a number of degree certifications and training. The more certifications and training they have the higher their salaries are.

Our vision

We want to contribute positively to the education sector of New Zealand. We are fully committed to providing the best teacher recruitment service possible. Our ultimate goal is to make sure any potential teacher that comes to us for assistance is happy with the service we provide, whether that is trying to find them a job or giving them advice.

Our services

We provide part time teacher placements, long-term teacher placements, and international recruitment services. We try to meet our clients’ requirements and provide them the best teacher. We have a job directory also where you can apply for a teaching job. We help you write a good CV and give you advice on interviews provide. We provide different training programs so you can improve your teaching skills and get good jobs.

Our recruitment consultants

Our recruitment consultants are well qualified. They understand both the education and business aspects. They provide different educational institutions with the best teachers. Most importantly they’ve had experiences all over the world with overseas teaching which helps them give real world advice to those that aren’t sure.

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