Brain Quest Blast Off

This is a trivia app appropriate for the second grader +/-.  Brain Quest App is based on their popular trivia cards you may have taken with you on road trips.  You choose the subject, or a mix (Grab Bag) of Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts.  Grab bag includes everything from basic Spanish to authors, sports to rhymes.  There are fill-in the letter games, true/false, unscramble the word… You have to do the “train your brain” level before you can choose the “rocket round” and earn trophies.  The questions vary in difficulty – maybe too much.  This is a good group car activity, or good for siblings of different ages to do together.

Skills: math and science trivia
Cost: $.99
Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Grade(s): 2nd grade

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Brain Quest® Blast Off: Grade 2 - Modality Inc.

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