DoInk Animation and Drawing

Remember making flip books with stick figures? Well DoInk is the high tech version of that. DoInk allows you to create vector animated cartoons. As you would assume from an animation program it does have a learning curve but the video tutorials DoInk provides are quite helpful to get you started. There are two ways to create cartoons, with flip-book style animating, in which the user creates a cartoon by drawing each image frame by frame, or with keyframe animating, which is a bit more complex and for the more advanced animator. Sound complicated? Well, it is a bit, but you will likely be surprised by how quickly your child will be able to figure it out. This is one of those amazing apps that really gets the wheels in their brains turning as they try to master this powerful animating tool, and we could see a child animating a movie as a component of an upcoming presentation at school - be it science or history or...  Using Doink will require your child to have a level of patience and perseverance, two skills we hope all kids will continue to develop. They will also have a whole new level of appreciation for the next Pixar movie they watch.  Note - this app is not just for kids!

Skills: Painting, drawing, creativity, tech skills, animation
Cost:  $4.99
Platform:  iPad
Grade(s):  3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, Middle School

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DoInk Animation & Drawing - DK Pictures, Inc.

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  1. We have three daughters - ages 5, 8 and 11. They all use and love this app - and get so much out of it. I highly recommend it.
    - I am a parent


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